Wanna know more about me? This is my story.

My interest in web development began at the University of Michigan, where I studied from 2012 to 2017. Although I had long had a general interest in computer science (my field of study) and programming, I was also interested in writing, marketing and design. The more I learned about web development, the more I realized that it could serve as an effective way to synthesize these disparate interests and build a career that checked all my personal boxes.

I’ve always been fascinated by questions of how business can effectively thrive and grow and my vision is to help clients grow their businesses be providing them with a quality website specifically designed to meet their needs. I think of myself as a problem solver as much as a developer, and I like to spent some time coming up with a cohesive vision of what kind of website I could build to best meet my client’s needs before focusing too intently on the finer details of how that vision can be realized. Clean code, flashy design, and technical efficiency are great, but they don’t drive traffic, increase conversions, or bring in revenue, and I like to think about the purpose that the sites I build serve and how they provide real tangible value to my client’s businesses. In this day and age knowing how to build bland cookie cutter websites is easier than it’s ever been before, but learning how to build a website that can effectively meet the needs of a growing business is as complicated and intriguing a challenge as ever!