Alex Hoffman

Web Developer

What I’m all about


In this increasingly digitized and interconnected age, everyone needs a quality website for their business. Whether you’re a tech company, a restaurant, or a local mom and pop store, having a strong online presence is important to your bottom line!

As a developer, my approach combines competency in:

  • web development
  • web design
  • writing
  • content marketing
  • and search engine optimization

in order to provide each client with the best website for meeting their business needs!


Using my varied technical knowledge that covers a variety of topics including

  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • and Javascript

I can produce websites for my clients that are sleek, smooth and efficient at meeting their goals!


My core philosophy as a developer marries:

  • an efficient approach to workload management
  • a bottom up mentality to web design that focuses on building quality websites from the ground up
  • a focus on substance over style and producing slick efficient designs that provide real tangible value to my client’s businesses
  •   and an emphasis on building long term relationships with clients to provide continued maintenance and support for their sites.

So that all my clients recieve the best possible return on their investment!

If you are interested in hiring my services or getting in contact about potential jobs, feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss how I can help you add real value to your company and acheive your online business goals!

Core Principles



Bottom-up Design

Substance Over Style

Value Driven Design

Long Term Client Support

Areas of Expertise

Web Development

Web Design



Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Technical Skills